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Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

It is well known that Facebook and Instagram are probably the two most popular, and most used social media outlets ever created. Practically starting the social media trend, aside for MySpace, Facebook, is a giant in social media. After its acquisition of Instagram, this giant is even more powerful.

So what does that mean for you?

To start off, let's talk numbers. Facebook has 2.7 billion (not million, billion) monthly users. On top of this staggering presence, Instagram -owned by Facebook - has about 1 billion users. Now, these users aren't additional users since there is surely overlap between the two platforms. Nevertheless, if there's someone in particular your business is trying to reach, these two apps are surely a great place to start.

Apart from this though, Facebook is in the business of making money, which means that they care about their users experience. This is a good thing for marketing since Facebook has a really good incentive now to display advertisements which are highly targeted for its intended recipient.

For example, if a person has been searching for a new computer for the last few days - there will be little effect in showing this person advertisements for a new coat. However, there is a high chance he will click on an advertisement which displays the computer he/she is seeking out.

Thus, Facebook wants to make its experience enjoyable. They care about their users. As long as their users are spending time on Facebook, seeing relevant ads, pictures, and videos everyone is happy.

All this is so much better now that Instagram is in the picture, too. Instead of reaching out to your audience in one space, now your ad/company can follow them on Instagram as well. The likelihood of a customer clicking and making a valuable action such

as making a purchase, or scheduling for an appointment, is slim with only one interaction with an ad. But if an ad is displayed repeatedly, and seamlessly, the likelihood of getting a valuable action is much greater. Think about it, how often do YOU purchase something when you first see/interact with that thing. Sure if it's a candy bar you won't think twice, but when purchasing something more expensive, the trigger becomes harder to pull.

Google PPC

Google is probably the most essential place for a business to be. But with such high demand, increasing competition, and popularity, the cost of a single click can be really pricey. If a business can afford the costs of advertising on Google, then it's a good idea.

Otherwise, advertising on Facebook and Instagram can easily results in

much cheaper clicks. Regardless of where you will be advertising, it is not a good idea not to advertise online at all. People spend most of their days behind a screen. That is where you should be reaching


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