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CRM - You NEED One

A lead comes in, then another, then 100 more. By the end of the month you're doing really well and you have 150 leads that you are in touch with. Could you imagine how much time it would take to call, text, email ... each one of them. It is true, you do have the option not to reach out to every one of your leads, but then why advertise in the first place?

A lead is only worth anything to you if you're willing to reach out, and make your business unforgettable to that lead. But now you're stuck. You have so many leads, you don't want to let even one slip through the cracks, yet you also don't want to go crazy sending out text message after text message.

Theres a solution to this problem. And with the modern invents of 2020 (and beyond), wise people have noted this problem and developed a solution for it. The result is a CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Essentially a CRM is a system that allows a business to make a series of automations and have those automations sent out to every client/lead/customer that goes through their system.

The Importance

At this point, the importance of a CRM is probably self-evident, but for the sake of clarity we'll spell it out.

When a lead is in your system, you have the name phone number and email, with a CRM it is possible to implement a series of communications with the lead. These communications can and should be personal - or at least sound like they're personal. Communications can be sent out instantly, but ultimately it is your preference when to send out the first message. Using this system, it is possible to completely automate the whole process of turning a lead to a customer. Once messages are sent out and a lead responds positively to one of those messages, it is extremely easy to move that lead along the pipeline so that they will ultimately use your service.

This is a HUGE time saver. Instead of reaching out to every individual lead multiple times until they respond, you can create a series - a totally customizable one - to be sent out in the sequence you choose. In the middle of the night when a lead comes in, you can send a text out while you're asleep! The whole point is to make sure that your lead doesn't get forgotten about, and that your business is constantly reminding him that you're there to help whenever the interested party is ready.


What Can Our CRM Do?

Every CRM is different so we're going to speak about a couple features that our CRM has to offer. It is noteworthy to mention that the use of our CRM is completely free when we advertise for your business. Every client of ours gets full access to a customizable CRM at no additional cost. Although we are more than happy to create the sequences for your business, if you choose to do it yourself - we are happy to let you.

Phone Calls: The best way to connect with a lead is to make a phone call! We are able to bridge a call between your business and a lead (although there's no guarantee they will pick up - or even you).

Text Messages: Everyone texts nowadays. An extremely personal way to connect is by sending a text with your favorite emoji ☺️, so you come off as a real person, and not a robot.

Email: People are constantly checking their emails. So a sure spot to reach someone's attention is in their inbox.

Voicemail: There's nothing like hearing the sound of your voice. Without actually making a phone call, you are able to drop voicemails into a leads voicemail box. Now that's personal.

There are so many ways to get creative using a CRM. The opportunities are limitless. The best part about it is that it's personal. Nobody wants to be just another number or dollar sign, they want to be referred to by their first name, not something generic like, "Hey!"

Using our CRM, we capture important information, such as name, address, service interested in so that they feel like they are being treated with the respect they deserve.

There's definitely a lot more to say about this system, so if you'd like to read more about it, Salesforce has a great article on it:

Hope you enjoy,

Please feel free to leave any questions for us to answer!

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