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Free Leads

Too many times have we been asked this question: " Do you provide free leads?"

As a matter of fact, the answer is yes. However, it is a little bit more complicated than that. Let me explain..

Our system is primarily based on a pay-per-appointment basis. Essentially if a customer is really interested in your service, and they schedule a date and time for you to meet with them in their home, that is what we call an "appointment". Customers book appointments on your calendar and you pay a one time agreed upon rate for that appointment.

As you can imagine, though, not every lead that comes in will book an appointment right away. Sure, with savvy automations that go out strategically to remind a potential customer of their foregone interest their likelihood of booking an appointment is higher. Nevertheless, most leads don't follow through and won't book an appointment.

So why should you pay for leads that aren't interested anyways? We don't think you should. If we can't capitalize on a lead for you, then you are welcome to do what you want with that lead. So yea, we do offer you FREE leads. But the caveat to that is, we charge for appointments.

Why would you want a lead anyways?

Leads are of no use to you if they cannot be capitalized on. At times, a lead might not even have a valid email/phone. For that reason, we don't make a big fuss over the amount of leads we bring you.

What we do take pride in is booking qualified leads on your calendar for you!

We take so much pride in it, we named our company after that idea!

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