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Per Appointment or Monthly Fee

Trying to make our services as appealing as possible, we figured that business owners would prefer to pay for results. Thus, we modeled our pricing options after the "pay-per-appointment" model.

We thought that by doing this a business owner will know exactly what he/she is being charged for and have no qualms with the pricing - after it was originally agreed upon.

However, it seems that the more clients we take on, the more they are uninterested in the pay per appointment model. Instead, they prefer a monthly retainer. The per-appointment model is so great, at least in my eyes, because every appointment is an opportunity, and the more opportunities, the more/greater chance for a closed deal.

We originally decided to go with this system, because we wanted to treat our clients fairly. If you are not seeing results from us, then we won't take your money. Our team find's it a bit amusing that a large majority of our clients prefer to pay monthly. We intended to do it solely for our clients convenience.

So why pay monthly? What is the appeal to pay a flat rate fee every month? I believe the answer is simple. Business men/women want to know their numbers. They want predictability. If they were to go with the per-appointment method, one month could have gotten them 15 appointments and another month could have reached 23 appointments. If they paid per appointment, then they would have an inconsistent "bill" at the end of each month.

Now, while it is true that these are qualified, and hot potential customers, nonetheless, it is still a pain to deal with the inconvenience of ambiguity.

To my best understanding, that is why business owners are flocking toward the monthly method.

Part of what we do at Booked Estimates, is we listen to our clients. If they'd like something to be done differently, it becomes a discussion and we work together as a team!

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