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The Effectiveness of Google My Business

Google My Business, which we'll be referring to throughout this post as GMB, is probably the most effective place to have your business posted. Whether you are a store with a physical location, or even a service, the fact is, GMB is the place you have to be.

Think about it, every time you want to look up a restaurant near you, you probably take out your phone and search something as generic as, "restaurant's near me". Immediately, Google will pick up your location and display restaurants near you.

Now, there are so many restaurant's near you - and Google will show you as much as you want. However, only 3 will show up before you click "View All". The top 3, that will display usually aren't even advertisements. They are highly-rated results that are accurate to your search.

Imagine if you are in the flooring business, and someone wants to get their floors redone in your area - they will likely go onto Google and search "Flooring near me". Google will do the same thing and populate results. But, a business which is listed at the top of that local search is getting so much more attention than any other business not listed within the top 3.

So what's the trick? How do you get to the top and stay there? The truth is, it really isn' that difficult and it can be done and a few weeks to a month. With a CRM (yes, we have one) you can easily send out a link to a customer to review your work on Google. After a customer leaves a positive review, your business will start to look better and better (assuming you are getting good reviews).

Additionally, a business should show that they care about their customers and their concerns. Therefore, they should respond to comments frequently that are left on their listing. This is critical. It makes your business look much better if a personal response is left on each review.

If questions are asked about your business, make sure to respond to them. Technically, anyone can respond to questions posted, but you want to make sure that you're the authority and not some troll. A business also has the ability to post their own questions and respond to them. Think of it as an additional, frequently asked questions section where you are able to inform customers in detail about your business and the services you provide.

There are a lot more tips and tricks to ranking higher on Google listings and staying at the top, but we will leave it at that for now!

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