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The Power Of The Pixel

A pixel is a tracking code that you can place on any part of a website. A Facebook pixel detects the details of the website visitor such as, age, gender, interests, etc. All of that data is valuable information because it helps the website owner target his audience more specifically. With this tracker, you can advertise specifically to the people that were already on your website. Even better than this though is Facebook's 'lookalike audience'.

What this means is that Facebook analyzes all the data points picked up with the pixel and determines who looks most similar to the type of person that has been viewing your website. Once those data points are picked up, Facebook will learn who the best audience is to show your advertisement.

Even more than this, the pixel can pick up on which pages on your website were visited, and by whom. For example, if you're a business that sells fishing equipment, you will likely have rods and hooks for sale. If a pixel is installed properly, it can easily detect and differentiate between the type of person who is checking out fishing rods and the one looking for hooks or bait.

Why is this important?

It is pretty clear why this tool is important, but we'll spell it out. As we have mentioned in the past, retargeted ads are extremely effective. The click through rate of a retargeted ad is 10X greater than a non retargeted ad.

It's simple math: retargeted ads lead to more clicks --> more clicks lead to more attention for business --> more attention means more money for your business.

Any business which is not utilizing the amazing tool of a retargeted ad, is WASTING MONEY. That is a fact.

Imagine advertising for your construction company based in San Francisco in Italy. You could have the best advertisements, the most interested clientele, everything could be perfect. The issue is, you don't do business in Italy.

A similar issue arises when you don't utilize retargeting. Essentially you are advertising to people who have never heard of you before, they have never seen your brand, logo, services, nothing! But if your business consistently shows up in front of interested customers you have more of an authority. Your business becomes the one that they recognize.

Plus, with Instagram owned by Facebook the pixel is doubly effective. Now, your ad will show up to customers everywhere they look. A person who has been searching for fishing equipment will now see ads on Facebook AND Instagram. And a good rule to know when it comes to marketing is that the more places your ads appear to one person the better your ROI will be.

Do your business a favor and invest in a team that knows how to install a Pixel properly so that your ads are being seen by the right people.

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